Your Ice Design will start with our new carver Danny Marchiori. He is young, motivated, creative and ready to make your ideas come to life in ICE ! Contact him at 647-992-8641 or e-mail at

Corporate Ice Displays

With exacting computer cut precision we can engrave  your company logo.

Your logo too detailed or contains images?

No problem we can use our signature "ice plaque" method to showcase a colour printed logo or photograph in the design.


All designs start with a detailed proposal so contact us to showcase yourself in ice.

This unique sculpture changed colour with LED lights

Culinary Ice Displays

Decorative Ice has long been used to add a dramatic element to buffet designs.

We offer decorative and purposeful ice design or a combination of both. 



Our signature “Oyster Grill” allow the oyster to bed themselves in the ice while the cut grill washes away any shell fragments. 

The oyster stays chilled without the chance of water mixing with the natural oyster liquor. 

We can custom cut exact niches for the garnishes.



Chefs love this, It allows a big presentation with a small customer grab, the shrimps are fed into the top of the tower and are “Gravity Fed” to the base. 


This can be added as an option to most sculptures, We carve a “Tray” onto the ice base we add drain holes so the food is not floating. These can be used for a variety of presentations from Sushi to Fruit

Interactive Ice

We offer two types of bar luge




A track is cut into the ice surface that allows the poured shot or cocktail to travel down the ice chilling the drink and mellowing the shot. 


This Style enhances the beverage, as it actually comes in contact with the ice.

For “ICE COLD SHOTS” Be sure to freeze your liquor so it is the alcohol not the temperature difference that melts the ice.


The open track can also be used to serve mixed cocktails, Pour straight from the shaker down the ice luge to a waiting martini glass.


We suggest using a large mouth glass to catch the beverage as the steam will widen after you use the luge multiple times.




This style of luge is created by drilling an ice sculpture from one side to the other and then inserting a plastic hose and attaching a small funnel at the top. 


Mixed cocktails are not to be used as the drink may freeze inside the tube.


This is for novelty purposes only as the alcohol does not come in contact with the ice directly.


The technique will allow higher volume use.