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Frequently Asked Questions About Packaged Ice

How many bags of ice will I need?

On average, we suggest one -12 kg bag per 10 guests for your bar. (One -12 kg bag of ice fills 50 large red cups.) If you are using the ice to chill beer, we suggest one -12 kg bag of ice per two coolers.

Why does the ice have a hole in the middle?

We manufacture “tube ice.” Water runs down the inside of a cylinder and freezes. This is how we get pure, clear, tasteless ice. The hole is where the water ran through.

Do you rent freezers?

We carry a variety of Ice Merchandizers freezers for rent. Pricing is based on time and location.

They require 110 v. power, if an extension cord is needed, a heavy-duty power cord must be used. Please contact Peter Cole for rental information. (


Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Sculptures

Why should I order my ice sculpture from Ice Boy?

Our talent is what makes Ice Boy unique. Quality sculptures are works of art, and knowing you have a craftsmen carving your sculpture is important. We take pride in offering value - not being the cheapest. While other companies might use part time or amateur carvers to keep prices low – quality makes the difference. 

When should I order my ice sculpture?

You can start the process now. Simply fill out the easy online design form and we will create a sculpture to suit your requirements. We like to have a confirmed design and payment two weeks prior to delivery. A rush fee may apply on orders placed 10 days or less prior to delivery.

How much is an Ice Boy ice sculpture?

We offer a “Party Luge” starting at $200 +HST.

 Our most popular and current promotion at $600+HST includes: A three slab design, delivery in the GTA, professional set up, LED light, and a drip tray. Ice bars start at $1750+HST and include set up and removal. HST of 13% is added to all ice sculptures quotes.

How do I pay for an Ice Sculpture?

For all custom orders we require a min. of 25% deposit in order to confirm, and payment in full before delivery date. We accept cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard as well as e-transfers.

Does the ice sculpture melt?


How long will an ice sculpture last?

It depends on the ambient temperature of the location. The average ice sculpture is presentable for up to 8 hours. We can specifically alter the design to last longer if required.  

Do I need to return the plastic drip tray and lights to Ice Boy?

No. If you chose to return the plastic drip tray and lights to Ice Boy, we will buy back them back for $10, but this is not required.

Do you deliver ice sculptures?

Yes. The majority of our sculptures require our professional delivery and set up services. We arrive at your location one hour before your guests. The sculpture is set up and ready to be viewed 30 minutes  prior to doors opening.

How much does an ice sculpture weigh?

This depends on the design. An un-carved block of ice is 20 in. x 40 in. x 10 in. and weighs approximately 300 lb. A typical table top ice sculpture weighs 250 - 400 pounds. This is why a sturdy table is so important.

Does Ice Boy remove the ice sculpture?

Yes. We offer a removal service in the GTA, for a fee of $100 or $150 after 9 pm. It is best to check with your caterer or venue to see if this is required. Please be aware that some venues insist that removal is done by an insured professional.

Can I remove an ice sculpture myself?

Yes. We can provide you with a professional ice pick to help you break the sculpture down. You will start at the top and break off manageable chunks of ice. Please be cautious. The pick is VERY sharp and the ice is slippery and heavy. We suggest you have gloves and a large plastic garbage pail on hand to make the job easier. Please be aware that some venues insist on removal done by an insured professional.

Is Ice Boy Toronto an insured professional company?

Yes. We carry liability insurance of five million dollars. If your venue requires a copy of the policy or requests to be named as an additional insured on the policy, this is available for a processing fee of $15. (Limited liability applies if full installation and removal services are not contracted.)

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